23rd of April

On the 23rd of this year’s April, the accepted GSoC projects were announced. It was a super stressful day for me and I barely slept on the previous night as I was eagerly waiting for the list to be posted.

I kept checking the official site and my email but nothing would show up! I wanted to know as soon as possible, be it 6 AM! Of course, I still had to wait most of the day for it as I’m on EET and (presumably) the GSoC organisation is not on the same page here.

An university organization which I am part of had a meeting that day which I attended. While different ideas were being tossed around and discussed, I decided to refresh the Google Summer of Code homepage to see if anything’s up, albeit no email had been delivered.

Lo and behold (not as surprising as it was for me considering I am writing this) my project had been accepted and I was about to start my bonding period as an official member and contributor under the GNOME community!

I doubt I’ll soon (if ever) forget the feelings I went through as I saw my name listed there. At first, I could not find myself. The GNOME projects list kept going and going, I even went past my fellow Nautilus GSOC’er project and would not see my name. Eventually, I saw it, “Tests, profiling and debug framework for Nautilus” with  my name on top of it. It just felt both rewarding (as I had been contributing to Nautilus for a while up to that point) and relaxing, knowing I would get to contribute to something I use on my day-to-day work and alongside the people I got to learn so much from, all whilst being a part a of a huge project, whose name is familiar to millions of users.

What followed was 2 weeks of bonding and interacting with the community (which I had already grown fairly familiar to), learning the workflow and getting to know the project and organization even better. Luckily for me, contributing for about 5-6 months helped me with these, so the bonding period felt comfortable.


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