Nautilus File Operations 2.0

Following (and during) my latest blog post I was in the middle of my final exams session. While that has concluded eventually and I managed to pass everything just fine, that meant less time hacking and toying around with nautilus’ operations I’ve been working on.

More work was put in the aforementioned move operations until it was a finished product that would set the tone for the following operations as well.

With the move test out of the way, following operations could (more or less, with some needing extra nitpicking) be approached in a similar manner, which we tried to do, also giving them a nice sense of modularity.

Nowadays, I’ve been focusing on finishing the copy/paste test and debugging the ins and outs of the trashing/deleting functionality. After a few fights with multiple G_BREAKPOINT’s and moving the code back and forth trying to provide us an asynchronous alternative while still keeping the code clean and functional, I managed to come up with a test meant for both deleting and trashing. My work on the copy/paste component can be seen here and the trash/delete test should be in its own merge request here.

Hopefully, by the time I finish with these, all tests should look like this:Screenshot from 2018-06-28 16-18-45

And not like this (which happened more than I’d like to admit during the actual writing of the test):

Screenshot from 2018-06-28 16-32-46

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